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In an official letter from the Medical College of the Tianjin University (China), sent to dr. Antonio Galoforo, the board member of the SIOOT (Scientific Society of Oxygen Ozone Therapy), the professor Dong Ming, Dean of the Medical College, wrote: «Inspired by your suggestions and your experience in infectious diseases, we have made some progress in the treatment of Covid-19 positive patients by treating them with Oxygen Ozone Therapy».  In this regard, the professor Dong Ming recalls that, as the Covid-19 epidemic raged in China, a video conference was organized in the mid-February with dr. Galoforo along with other 272 Chinese medical doctors, head physicians and researchers. «We sincerely appreciate – the letter continues – that you and your colleague have shared your experience in the field of ozone therapy with us». The professor Dong Ming highlighted that the Medical College of the Tianjin University, in collaboration with a group of specialists from the Haihe Hospital, discussed the ozonated autohemotherapy scientific protocols, and after treatments, as indicated by the shared procedures, the therapy was approved by the Ethics Committee from the Hospital itself. The therapy was finally registered as “clinical trial” in the Chinese Clinical Trial Registry. Concerning the results, the professor Dong Ming reported that «four Covid-19 positive patients, including one critical case, one serious case and two normal cases, have been treated with Oxygen Ozone Therapy. After the treatments, the symptoms of dyspnea, severe cough, chest anguish and asthenia subsided until they disappeared. In particular, the critically ill patient was recovered without using invasive mechanical ventilation or intensive care treatment. All four patients recovered were discharged without problems after verifying the viral inactivation (“viral clearance”) of Covid-19». Based on these results, the clinical effects of ozonated autohemotherapy performed at Haihe Hospital in Tianjin have demonstrated to be rapid and effective. This was important mainly for a severely ill patient, whose lung tissue damage has been alleviated and overcome. As the pandemic from the Covid-19 is affecting the whole Europe, particularly the Italian country, the professor Dong Ming expressed his concern and condolences for the victims. The Dean of the Medical College also offered his availability to collaborate with Italian institutions and experts in order to share information and assistance regarding the practice of Oxygen Ozone Therapy. The letter ends with a beautiful sentence from Seneca – «The earth is one country. We are waves of the same sea, leaves of the same tree, flowers of the same garden…» – along with the thanks and best wishes for good health and family happiness. Interviewed by “Orbisphera”, dr. Antonio Galoforo reported that he, early at the end of January, when the virus was still confined to the Wuhan area, had proposed to the Chinese scientific community to use the Oxygen-Ozone Therapy as preferential treatment to avoid or at least contain the spread of Covid-19. In the mid-February, dr. Antonio Galoforo, supported by the consolidated institutional relationships already active for months with China, welcomed a delegation of Chinese medical doctors in Italy and held a conference call with the professor Chen Qun, General Secretary of “China Life Science Security” in Beijing. This conference was attended by 272 medical executives from the Ministry of Health, head physicians from some Beijing hospitals and managers from Chinese research centers. Dr. Antonio Galoforo highlighted the scientific evidence relative to the procedures for the use of ozone, raising the interest of the participants in this type of approach as new treatment against Coronavirus infection. On February 21, when the Covid-19 virus began to spread in Italy, dr. Antonio Galoforo and his team from the Fatebenefratelli of Brescia have published a research on the SIOOT website which highlights the important results obtained by the Oxygen-Ozone Therapy in the treatment of pneumonia as well as of other viruses near to Covid-19, such as SARS and Ebola. All supported by an extensive scientific bibliography. In the following weeks, dr. Antonio Galoforo has further collected important positive feedbacks at the international level: dr. Li Peter of Guaghzuo, who reported the significant results obtained from some Chinese hospitals that reported the successfully findings found after using the Oxygen-Ozone Therapy (Tianji Haihe Hospital and The Second Hospital of Tanjin Medical University).  In the light of these additional international scientific evidence, dr. Antonio Galoforo informed the competent institutions – first of all the Lombardy Region – underlining the validity of the Oxygen-Ozone Therapy with a particular focus on low costs and the absence of side effects. «Now – concluded dr. Antonio Galoforo – I expect the Oxygen-Ozone Therapy to be used in all hospitals that will treat patients affected by Covid-19».

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